Excited Of Getting Your First Tattoo? Hold Your Horses Until You First Read Our Ultimate First Tattoo Guide!


Getting your first tattoo can be an exciting and intimidating experience. Whether you’re getting a small design or opting for something more intricate, the decision should not be taken lightly. Taking time to plan out your first tattoo is important in ensuring the finished result is something you will love for years to come.

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Here Are The Step by Step Guide On Getting Your First Tattoo

1.The first step is to think carefully about what kind of design you would like. Spend time looking through images online and in magazines for inspiration. Once you have found something that speaks to you, make sure it’s the right size for the placement area; this will help ensure the final result looks great.

2.Next is to find the right tattoo artist. It is important to research to find the artist who can give you the look that you want. The best way to start is by looking for reviews online and seeing what other people have said about them. You should also look at their portfolio of previous work and make sure that it matches what you're looking for in terms of style and design.

3.Third make sure the shop is following best practices in health and safety such as sterilization records of tattoo equipment. Make sure that even if the area is a little messy that the tools being used are cleaned up to provide for you with the best possible tattoo.

4.Book a consultation with the Tattoo artist and ask questions about their experience, skill level, preferred style of tattooing, and cost. Clarify everything for any concern you may have before agreeing to have the tattoo job done.

5.On the day of the session, shower well so that you don't have to be smelly for your tattoo. The tattoo artist will shave the location where you're getting the tattoo. So you can shave before you spray if you would prefer.

6.Relax as much as you can. The tattoo artist should provide you with a gentle experience. . Always do what he or she instructs, move in this fashion, and sit still.

7.Take a final look when it’s finished. Make sure they didn’t miss anything. They’ll be happy to touch it up if they need to.

8.Listen to all the directions your tattoo artist gives you. Tattoo artists have experience caring for tattoos and your skin, so listen well. Take care of your tattoo as instructed. You will appreciate this work of art throughout your life.

Benefits of Finding Tattoo Designs Online

The most obvious benefit of finding tattoo designs is convenience. It’s easy to browse through a wide variety of designs at any time or at any place.

Online tattoo design websites often have a much larger selection of designs than a local tattoo studio, so you have more options to choose from. These sites usually provide a search feature making it easier to find specific types of designs.

If you are not comfortable discussing your tattoo ideas with others, finding a design online can be a more private option.

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Some online tattoo design websites offer designs for free, while others charge a fee for access to their design library. In general, free resources have a limited selection with poor quality.  

Finding a premium design online like Miami Ink Design may cost a small fee but can be much less expensive than having a tattoo artist create a design for you.

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FAQs on Getting Your First Tattoo

What Are The Health And Safety Issues In Getting A Tattoo?

There are safety and health issues as regards getting a tattoo. This is because your skin must be punctured so that the ink can be pierced into the dermis which is the second level of the skin.

Some of the health and safety issues as pertain to tattoos include infections at the tattoo site. Tattooing is done by piercing the skin so there must be a high level of hygiene when getting the tattoo done to reduce the chances of getting an infection.

If hygiene is not observed it can result in bacterial infections and this can lead to serious diseases.

Another health concern is an allergic reaction to the tattoo dyes that are used. Since these dyes have not been FDA approved, you cannot know how safe the use of these dyes is for you.

The best thing to do is if you experience an allergic reaction while getting the tattoo, stop doing it so that your symptoms do not become any worse. You are also at risk of developing keloids which are hard swollen growths that are a result of scar tissue overgrowth.

Granulomas can also form which are small bumps under the skin where the tattoo site is. If these growths lead to health complications, then the tattoo may have to be removed eventually.

Other health issues that could arise as a result of getting a tattoo are the risk of getting infected with diseases that are transmitted by blood such as Hepatitis B and C, HIV, and tetanus.

If the tattoo artist does not change the tattooing needle or sterilize the equipment properly and thoroughly, then the risk of getting Hepatitis and HIV increases. To avoid the risk of getting tetanus, the tattoo artist should use a new needle.

Some of the things that you should look out for when getting a tattoo are; the tattoo parlor should look clean and it should be licensed by the necessary health and safety government organizations. 

When getting your tattoo you should see a new needle removed from sealed packaging to ensure that it is new and therefore safe. 

The tattoo artist should wash his or her hands and put on a new set of gloves, a new packet of individual ink should be used, and don’t allow ink in an unsealed container to be used on you because it could have been used on someone else and it could be unsanitary. 

All countertops and surfaces should be disinfected and cleaned before you begin the tattoo procedure. The equipment that needs to be sterilized should be done by an autoclave as this will safely sterilize all stainless steel equipment.

On your part, take care of your tattoo so that you don’t get an infection. Clean the tattoo regularly with soap and water and ensure the tattoo site is well covered but not too tightly. Do not get a tattoo while you have been drinking as alcohol thins the blood and you may have excessive bleeding.

What Workout Routine I Can Do With A New Tattoo?

Have you ever thought about what is common between tattoos and workouts?

 Both of them help you enhance your look and make you addicted to them. Besides, they will provide you with a rush of adrenaline. 

Despite that, you must be extremely cautious if you get a new tattoo because it is difficult to work out and keep the new ink undamaged at the same time. 

Here are 6 important tips following which you can easily indulge in your favorite workout programs without causing any damage to your fresh tattoo.

1. First of all, you should not do any exercise where the tattoo might get rubbed against any surface. You must know that rough surfaces will scrape the new tattoo which will result in bleeding and eventually fading of it. Thus, sit-ups are a complete no-no if you have a tattoo on your back.

2. You have to keep your oozing bandage away from the populace. It is quite unsanitary and might contain a lot of germs. Moreover, the tattoo will continue to ooze at least for three days. So, you should not go anywhere, not even to your gym until the bandage is removed. You have to stay clean and sweat-free always so that there is no irritation on your skin.

3. You must stay away from weight-bearing workouts as well as pull-ups because in all these exercises the skin gets stretched and thus, they will hurt you a lot.

4. If you are going for a run under the sun, it is imperative to protect your tattoo from its harmful rays of it. Your tattoo will be healed in more or less two weeks. After that, you must apply a sunscreen lotion having SPF 30 or more to protect your tattoo from fading.

5. When you are going to work out, you should wear loose clothes so that you don’t feel any irritation on the skin or the tattoo doesn’t get rubbed against your clothes.

6. Are you fond of swimming? Yes! But you have to prevent yourself from swimming for about two weeks. During this time, you can have any kind of infection more easily, particularly if you are using a public pool. Above all, if you soak the tattoo in the water, the scab might come off and consequently, your tattoo will be damaged.

What Are The Precautions I Need To Remember When Getting My First Tattoo?

  • Remember this is permanent. . It is there for good until you get a cover-up or get it removed (by laser surgery or laserless method. ).
  • Getting a Tattoo means pain is a factor in the process. A simple way to test your tolerance without needles is to simply pinch yourself. Do not let fear of pain influence the choice the tattoo should be placed.
  • Drinking alcohol or taking drugs before your appointment is a big NO. Don’t even take painkillers, as they are also blood thinners!
  • Eat well before your appointment. It is a brilliant idea to bring along some water and a light snack in case your blood sugar starts to drop.
  • Don't skip your appointment or you will lose your deposit. The artist will most likely don't want to tattoo you because of your no show. You need to call and schedule a better appointment time if you can't make it.

What Are The Things I Need On The Day I Will Get My First Tattoo?

  • An awesome design from MiamiInk. You can design your own, take one elsewhere, or get one in your local parlor. Remember that it is rude to copy someone else's tattoos.
  • Money. Professional Tattooing is a business and their main source of income is money coming from customers paying to get a tattoo. 
  • Courage. You need to be brave and relaxed as it will hurt. But when the tattoo is done, you will be happy that you got it, and will be back for more!