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You must be living under the rock if you have not heard of John Thornhill. John is a Top 1% Platinum ClickBank Seller whose digital products have netted him $5+ million in personal profits.

Since 2006, he’s helped over 3,000 entrepreneurs start (or grow) their online businesses.

These days, John specializes in helping freedom-focused individuals build successful online businesses, even if they don’t consider themselves experts and have no idea where to start.

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Rapid Digital Assets by John Thornhill

Your Step By Step Guide To Creating 6 Figure Digital Products In Record Time.

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Why We Love It

A Shortcut For Going From Zero To $100,000 Per Year Online. In Record Time! Without A Mailing List, Without Complicated Funnels, Without Running Ads, And Without Spending Months Giving Away Free Stuff. All While Working Just 30-60 Minutes A Day!

What You Need To Know

The #1 most costly mistake almost ALL online marketers are making today. If you’re doing this – and odds say you probably are – it’s costing you untold millions of dollars. And worse, years of your life you’ll NEVER get back. (see Page 11)

Why selling digital assets is the HOTTEST opportunity on the planet right now! (See page 6.)

A sneaky way to get your hands on MILLIONS of dollars of “done for you” digital marketing research. You’ll instantly know which are the hottest-selling products in the market today. (Page 39.)

How to pick a niche that gives you the highest possible chance of success right out of the gate. Discover the “Tiny Market, Big Money” blueprint we use to laser focus on niche markets OVERFLOWING with cash. (Starting on page 25.)

Why you DON’T need a mailing list, a big budget, or any experience to start making six figures a year selling online! (Page 27.)

What type of digital assets should you sell? Get THIS right and you’re on Easy Street. Get it wrong and you could be making the long, lonely, and humiliating walk to the bankruptcy court. (See the bottom of page 13.)

My tested and PROVEN four-step roadmap for creating your first digital asset within days… instead of weeks or months! This is the exact step-by-step plan used by two of my clients to grow their online businesses into mid-7-figure businesses in their respective markets… in record time. (Page 39.)

How to launch your digital asset to a crowd that is ready and waiting to buy… without wasting months or years of your life-giving away free stuff to “build a relationship” with people who will likely NEVER spend a single penny with you! (See page 99.)

What exactly I did do to take my little “spare bedroom” business from a $3,000/month side venture… to a $50,000/month cash cow. And I only invested a few hours each week of my time to do it. (Page 23.)

Rapid Digital Assets FAQs

Why is John Thornhill's Rapid Digital Assets Book Worth Reading at all

Proven succesful students who followed his coaching from the book are well documented facts.

What is a digital asset ?

A digital asset is anything that is stored digitally and is uniquely identifiable that organizations can use to realize value

What are the examples of digital assets ?

Examples of digital assets include documents, audio, videos, logos, slide presentations, spreadsheets, and websites.


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