Why You'll Never Succeed Online If You Commit These Common Marketer Mistakes

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Why you’ll Never Succeed Online!
Written by John Thornhill

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Foreword from John

On June 3rd 2006 I quit my job and have been full time online ever since.

As you can see in the screenshot above, I recently passed the

1-million-dollar mark in sales on JVZoo, this is just one of a bunch of payment processors that I use and I’ve actually generated well over 5 million in sales since I started my online journey.

This report covers all I know about Internet Marketing, and more importantly, the mistakes people make online.

“You’ll Never Succeed Online”

Wow! Did John just say that, is it true? Holy crap John, aren’t you supposed to tell me how to succeed online and become a success? Yet here you are telling me I’m doomed to fail, what’s that all about?

First of all it’s not all doom and gloom, but you have to understand that most people who try to make money online will fail, and not only that will probably spent thousands of dollars on various programs in their quest for success.

In this report I am going to tell you what I believe are the main reasons people fail online and I’m going to give it to you straight, you may not like some of what you read but that’s the whole point. I want you to get angry as you read. Hopefully this will help you avoid these pitfalls that most people face and hopefully you will learn what it takes to succeed online.

Before we get to that I want to talk about something else. You see after what has happened over the last few years in the Internet Marketing world I’m kinda peed off, almost to the point of naming and shaming.

Marketers I used to trust are promoting rubbish product after rubbish product, selfish product creators are spending more than $15,000 on a professional copywriter to make sure their product sells while only spending a few hundred dollars getting the actual product they are selling created.

Products that don’t deliver and have zero support are getting launched almost daily. You’ve seen the launches over the last few months saying things like “click your mouse 6 times and money will fall from the sky.” Well, they didn’t quite say things like that but they may as well have done as most of the sales pages have been full of lies and hype. Don’t believe me? Here’s the proof.


Spend 15 minutes browsing that page and you’ll soon see there’s a ton of bad products out there.

I am so sick of it I have written about this many times on my blog and it appears most of my subscribers feel the same way.

Is this really the way Internet Marketing is going?

Well, I’m pleased to report it’s not. If you think about it all these marketers are doing is burning their lists and ruining their reputations and that’s fine by me, I’ll carry on telling it like it is and making tons of sales. You see, you don’t need to use hype and lies to make money online.

Have you ever seen me hype up a product or constantly promote the offer of the week?

You already know the answer is no!

The truth is no matter how long you’ve been a subscriber of mine you’ll know I’ve always tried to be honest and I’ve always had your interests at heart, and that’s the truth.

If you can take anything away from this report it’s that being honest works much better than using hype, the people who genuinely care about their customers and subscribers will have much more success long term. So if you are using hype think long and hard about what you are doing as it isn’t going to last, people are wising up. They’ve seen it all before and they are not buying like they used too. JV partners have had enough of promoting rubbish (at least the wise ones have) and are finally starting to realize that hype isn’t selling anymore.

So what does this mean for you? Well, hopefully you’ve realised that most of the stuff out there is crap or is so complicated to follow it’s almost impossible to get going.

In fact maybe you can relate to this, here’s a few snippets of the sort of messages I receive on a daily basis.

Does this sound like you?

"I have tried many different types of business but have yet to succeed. I need a low cost very easy (broken way down, step by baby step) way to see some success so that I feel I can accomplish what others have done. A lot of Internet Marketers assume too much and skip over some of the very basic steps to succeed online."

Or this?

"It's great to tell people how to succeed. There is no shortage of that type of product out there. However, showing someone how to succeed is much more important... I personally consider myself to be a bright person, but much of this info - marketing info products - is overwhelming. I need a step by step guide to the entire process."

Or maybe this?

"I'm tired of everyone PROMISING they can make me a millionaire. I want to work at this and make it happen. I'm an honest person and don't want to lie or cheat in order to make money. I know there's got to be SOME honest people left in this world."

Could this be you?

"John, I feel so brain dead and up against a wall with this stuff. You would be my hero of all time if you could somehow cause me to see through all this maze of stuff and make serious sense of it all to where I can just take off and do it with confidence."

Doesn’t that tell you most of the stuff out there is rubbish?

Perhaps it does, however everyone’s situation can’t be blamed on buying bad products. Sometimes it’s down to the individual’s attitude to making money online and this is what I really want to get to the bottom of in this report, hopefully you’ll be able to relate to this and if so you can put it right.

So let me reveal the main reasons you may be failing online.

You’ll Never Succeed Online If You Have The Wrong Mindset!

If you have the wrong mindset you are doomed to fail right from the start. The truth is most successful marketers all have one thing in common, they have the correct mindset. They actually believe they will become successful eventually no matter how long it takes.

If you go online full of negativity, doubts and very little self-belief it is inevitable that failure will come very easy for you. So right from the start you have to believe in yourself, and keep believing in yourself no matter how long it takes to become a successs whether it's a matter of weeks, months, or even years. Believe in yourself, be positive and it will happen.

You’ll Never Succeed Online If You Think Everything Is Too Technical!

This is probably the biggest excuse I see online, yes I did say excuse as that all it is. I see people making excuses every single day as a reason for their failures. ‘It’s too technical for me’ should not be part of your vocabulary if you want to become a success online. Do you know what I do when I find something to technical? I simply go to Google or YouTube and find out how to do it, simple as that.

Allow me to give you some examples:-

Want to learn FTP? Here you go.

Want to add a picture to an eBay listing? Here you go.

Want to learn how to install a wordpress blog? Here you go.



See how easy that is? So next time you tell yourself you can’t do something let me tell you that you can. You have the most advanced educational tool at your fingertips, it’s called the Internet, never forget that.

You’ll Never Succeed Online If You Want To
Earn Money For Doing Nothing!

We all wish we could plant dollar bills and grow an unlimited amount of money while sitting back doing nothing. All I will say is good luck with that money plant.

This is actually one of the biggest reasons people fail. They see promises of easy riches for doing very little work at all when the truth is there are no easy way to make money online. Here is the usual scenario, see if you can relate to it.

You see a program online that looks fantastic, it promises you overnight success, in fact there’s hardly any work involved at all, this program looks so good you decide to buy it. Only to find there is a ton of work involved and things were not as easy as you thought, so you give up.

The next day another offer lands in your inbox and the whole process starts again, and again, and again…

This is a terrible cycle people find themselves caught up in, they chase the dream of easy riches and will buy into almost every program that is put in front of them. If you find yourself in this situation you need to stop as you are doing yourself more harm than good.

You’ll Never Succeed Online If You Are Part Of The Herd

There are two types of marketers online, there’s the herd and then there’s the people who sell to the herd. Now before we go any further I still act like part of the herd sometimes. I can still be ‘sold to’ just like anyone else, but the trick is to spot when you’re being ‘sold to’ and learn from it.

The herd will buy just about everything that’s put out there, especially the big product launches. They will act upon scarcity, urgency, controversy, rave reviews and so on. They will follow everyone else, especially when taking part in online forum discussions. They will also buy into the dream, whether this is to lose weight, improve their life or make more money online. This is called herd mentality and to be truly successful you need to separate yourself from the herd and start selling to the herd. You need to be the one creating products that the herd will buy, you need to be the one creating urgency and scarcity. Once you can truly separate yourself from the herd and ‘get it’ you will start to see success.

You’ll Never Succeed Online If You Quit At The First Hurdle

If you encounter a problem and give up you will fail. I don’t really need to say much more here do I? If you give up each time you hit a roadblock tasks won’t be complete, products won’t get finished and brought to the market and all of your time and effort will be wasted. Remember what I said earlier about using Google and YouTube to learn how to accomplish technical tasks?

I see each problem I face as a challenge, I never ever give up. It’s this Mindset that has enabled me to generate millions of dollars in sales.

Never ever give up, ever!

You’ll Never Succeed Online If You Don’t Have Your
Subscribers & Customers’Interests At Heart

I know for a fact most of my success is due to the fact I am willing to help others as much as I possibly can. If you contact my helpdesk or send me a personal email you will always get a response from me whether you are a customer of mine or not. I do my very best to help every single person that contacts me no matter what the problem is. I provide help for free, and I take pride in the fact that no email or support ticket goes ignored.

Now what do you think that has done for my reputation?

Well let me tell you it’s done a great deal, in fact if you Google my name you will probably find 99.9% of the stuff you find about me is positive and that’s the way I want it to stay so I will continue to look after my subscribers and customers.

It’s very important you get what I’m trying to tell you here, so many people simply chase the money when they should be concentrating on helping others, do that and the money will come in all on its own.

You’ll Never Succeed Online If You Don’t Build a List

The list, the list, the money is in the list. How many times have you read that? Well it’s true, you must be building a list or all of your efforts are in vain. Almost every single web page you have online should have some form of lead capture in place. You must try to capture your visitors email address as once they leave your site they are gone forever. However, capture their email and you can bring them back to your products, sites, services and recommendations time and time again.

Ask yourself how you are reading this report? You received an email from either myself or someone else promoting this report. If that doesn’t tell you how important list building is nothing will.

And it doesn’t stop there, it’s not just about list building, it’s also about relationship building. You must give your subscribers value in the form of quality content. So many marketers simply sell sell sell to their lists then wonder why they can’t make any money. The truth is you will never get any results from you list if all you do is pitch to them. Provide value, build a relationship and get your list to trust you and you will have no problems selling to them when you need to.

You’ll Never Succeed Online If You Always
Moan About Your Current Situation

I may get some flak for this one but it needs to be said. So you hate your job, or even worse you’ve lost your job, or maybe you’ve recently been divorced, or you are up to your eyes in debt, or are in some other similar situation where your luck is down. You can do one of two things. You can moan about your situation or get down to business.

I was in a ton of debt before I started to see success online, I had a job I hated, and I used to live from month to month. Guess what I did? Well for starters I didn’t moan about my situation. I got down to business. Sure it took a couple of years to see any money but I never gave up (mindset) and I kept at it. This is what you need to do if you find yourself in a situation you don’t like.

In fact many successful online marketers usually hit a massive low before they really get down to business. Something happens in their life that makes them so angry they change their mindset and become determined to succeed. If you can relate to this and hate your current situation get angry, change your mindset and get to work.

You’ll Never Succeed Online If You Think
The world Owes You Something

This sort of ties in with the last topic but I wanted to separate it to get a new point across. Some people think that it’s someone else’s fault they are in their current situation. They constantly moan about having to commute to a job they hate and they blame others (the world) for their situation.

Let me tell you something, the world owes you nothing. In fact there is only one person who can change your situation, it’s not me, not the lottery board, (I wish) not your boss that you may hate.

It’s you… Never forget that.

You’ll Never Succeed Online If You Think You Have No Time

“I could never have an online business that can be successful as I work 12 hours a day, have to go home and look after the kids, have to do the shopping, cleaning, ironing, wash the car, cut the grass”

You get the picture don’t you?

So you really have no time? Let me ask you if you have a TV or a games console, or if you spend time on sites such as Twitter or Facebook, or if you’re constantly browsing the forums?

Well take an hour or so a day and work at building your business instead of wasting your time. Turn the TV off, stop wasting your time and get some real work done, the latest box set can wait.

You’ll Never Succeed Online If You Think Having
No Money Prevents You Becoming Successful

This is another big one I see and I want to make sure I don’t say the wrong things here. Obviously if you are in a situation where you are struggling to put food on the table you have a perfectly valid excuse to say money is an issue. However, it needn’t be. You see if you don’t have any money you do have something else that can work in your favour and that is time.

Most products can be created 100% free; all you need is some hosting and a domain name to get started and I’m sure no matter what your situation is you can afford it, you can grab a domain for a few dollars and hosting can be bought for around $10 per month. If you still can’t afford to get a product online why not offer some form of service at the Warrior Forumsuch as an article writing service.

After all it’s not costing me anything to sit down and type this report is it? And it needn’t cost you anything.

You’ll Never Succeed Online If You’re Scared Of Failure

The road to success can be a long one. I struggled online for years before I started to see anything happen, was I scared? When I look back I suppose I was but I didn’t let it stop me. It’s a fact not everything you try online will succeed. It may take months, even years of failing before you succeed, but please don’t let failure scare you or put you off as it’s part of becoming successful. Again we go back to having the right mindset and successful people will fail time and again but they don’t let failure scare them and eventually they will succeed.

You’ll Never Succeed Online If You Think Everything Online Is a Scam

Are there scam artists out there? Yes but we’re not all scam artists.

It’s natural to put your guard up when you’re about to spend money but some people think everything to do with making money online is a scam. Usually because they’ve either been burned in the past or know someone who has been burned.

So now they trust no one, they think everything is a scam and will never invest time or money in any product that’s put in front of them.

Who loses out here?

Sure, do your research if you have to before investing any money but please don’t paint us all with the same brush if you’ve been burned before.

You’ll Never Succeed Online If You Jump From Product to Product

How many times have you bought a product, tried it for a few days and thought, “this doesn’t work” and then moved onto something else?

I’m guessing quite a few. This usually happens once some real work becomes involved and you end up looking for something easier (chasing the dream) and the process simply repeats itself over and over.

My advice to you here would be to stop jumping from product to product, do your research and find something that you can stick at. Make yourself a promise never to buy another thing until you’ve completed the product you’ve just invested in. Do this and not only will you save a ton of money but you may also start to see some results.

You’ll Never Succeed Online If All You Think About Is Making Money

I have sort of covered this but again I want to make a separate point. How many times have you read in a forum something like?

Dear All,
I seem to have problems with actually making money from IM and my goal is to actually make a decent 2nd income online.

I seem to be reasonably successful in my job, I seem to understand new process easily and be able to run departments and develop them into reasonably successful business units.

However, for some reason I am unable to transfer this skill to IM. I think that my gross total for IM income is somewhere in the region of 7 to 8 dollars. Divide this by 100s of hours of Niche research I have and I am getting paid peanuts.
Which is quite funny as I feel a bit like a monkey when it comes to IM.

I was wondering if some of who are actually making money can either give me some sound advice, or could point me in the right direction?

Can you see the problem here? The fact is the person who made the post is simply thinking about making money and nothing else. I can almost guarantee they won’t make it as their mindset is all wrong.

Like I have already said stop thinking about making money and think about helping others and the money will flow all on it’s own.

You’ll Never Succeed Online If You Are Not Willing To Help Others

If someone emailed you today asking for you to help him or her fix a problem they had that you knew how to fix would you help them?

I’m guessing you would.

What if 10 people emailed you, or 100?

I know most people would hate to have a situation where 100 people per day needed help and the chances are email or support tickets would go unanswered. Let me tell you if you ever get to this sort of situation you’ve made it. Help these people and they will stay loyal to you. They will buy your products and recommendations and will stay loyal to you, but the best thing of all is they will be telling you what their problems are. Create products that solves their problems and the amount of money you can make is limitless.

You’ll Never Succeed Online If You Create Poor Quality Work

This is actually quite a big one, a lot of people think they can create poor quality blogs, websites, review sites and products and expect them to make money. This is mostly due to buying ‘ready made’ products in a hope that they won’t have to do much work. Now don’t get me wrong, there are cases where you can use content you haven’t created yourself and make money from it. This is usually PLR content but as a general rule nothing beats work you have created yourself.

However, the work can’t be something you’ve spent half an hour creating that won’t give your customer any value. You need to put 100% effort into everything you create, and this means working hard at looking after your customer’s interests.

You absolutely must learn product creation if you want to become a success online, every successful marketer on the planet offers their own products and services. Anyone who tells you differently is trying to sell you something, guaranteed.

That’s it from me, I hope you enjoyed this report and if you take anything away from it remember this, it’s not easy and you do have to work hard.

Work hard and you will reap the rewards.

Here’s to your success online…

John Thornhill

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